Kashmir - Journey to Freedom

The Protagonists

Kashmir - Journey to Freedom, Usmaan Raheem Ahmad

The Returner

Usmaan Raheem Ahmad. An American-Kashmiri with a distinguished education who left the US after graduating to personally contribute to shaping a brighter future for Kashmir. Now fully devoted to his ancestral land, Usmaan is not only promoting economic development, he also dedicates much of his energy to the youth culture of Kashmir, promoting visual artists, sports teams and theater.

Kashmir - Journey to Freedom, Yasin Malik

The Revolutionary

Yasin Malik, Leader of Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). Yasin was one of the first to take up guns against India and the first to put them down. His story is that of the metamorphosis –through tortures, near-death, and prisons - of a young Kashmiri rebel: from guerilla fighter to leader of the nonviolent resistance movement.
Malik is referred to as the "Gandhi of Kashmir" by many people. Despite more than a decade of peaceful activities, Malik continues to enrage Indian authorities and has been arrested and tortured on a regular basis. Malik’s continued activities include a non-violent Intifada, hunger strikes, and demonstrations. We follow Malik as he travels from village to village on his “Journey to Freedom” caravan, speaking to fellow Kashmiris about their dreams of democracy and freedom.Kashmir - Journey to Freedom, Fasiha Qadri

The Lawyer

Fasiha Qadri. A human rights advocate and High Court lawyer in the Jammu & Kashmir Bar Association. She struggles for justice, freedom, and equal rights for women and men. The daughter of a high Muslim cleric, Fasiha’s is an eloquent voice merging deep Islamic notions with true human-rights values. She argues against the West’s misunderstanding of Islam, including the false antagonism between progressive democratic and Islamic societies.

Kashmir - Journey to Freedom, Mohammed Amin Bhat

The Artist

Mohammed Amin Bhat. His latest theater play, Mousetrap, is a dark comedy about bureaucracy of power which combines Kafkaesque notions with a Kashmiri sense of humor. While we were in Kashmir, Mohammed’s brother was killed by a grenade in the streets of Badgam, outside of Srinagar. In the daytime, we shot the funeral of his brother, and on the evening of the next day, we shot one of his plays, which he dedicated to his brother’s memory.